«This business is for

obsessives, dreamers

and poets, people who

simply cannot live 

in any other world.»


Working on a feature film, both national and international, always feels like leaving for an adventurous cruise through unknown waters. Everyone is working hand in hand, relentlessly giving their best – otherwise the ship would never make it to the promised land. That’s what I like about working on features; the impressive teamwork and spirit of passionate filmmakers. I also still marvel every time a story comes to life, when dialogues move from scripted pages into the heart and onto the lips of an actor, when ideas turn into moving pictures and eventually into a film.


As 2nd Assistant Director I enjoy working intensely with director, cast, agents and head of departments. In order to be a reliable contact for all these people and in order to schedule every day as efficient as possible, it's essential to get to know a script, it's scenes and characters inside out. Diving deep into a story – and often new worlds – is one of my favourite parts of working as 2nd AD.