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Mood Research

«The right moods

can help tell stories, transport ideas,

evoke emotions –

and win pitches.»

Searching for the right moods and creating inspiring mood-boards requires a great deal of knowledge about film and photography, about what makes a good image a good image – but also about how human emotions work. This is where my background as graphic designer and my passion for film and photography unfold their full potential.

I love visualising ideas and to look for the perfect moods; in movies, commercials, artist’s portfolios, on blogs, in magazines, books or in real life. 

No matter what moods you’re looking for, be it to help visualise your story or to brief departments, to ignite a creative process or even to find the right music accompanying a script or story-pitch; I can’t wait to dive right into it!


Extracts from my mood researches & the finished commercials