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About me

«Not all those
who wander are lost.»


My name is Fabienne and I’m a creative Tausendsassa. Born in the mid 80s in a tiny Swiss village, I’ve always loved exploring, losing myself in stories, creating and crafting things. And I soon longed to see the world. My first step away from home was an apprenticeship as Desktop Publisher at Tamedia, Switzerland’s largest media house. I enjoyed the big city life and working with journalists and editors, but soon found the job itself a little too technical. So I decided to see a bit  more of the world – and to go into advertising. 

Maybe it wasn’t as glamorous as portrayed in Mad Men, but it sure was as creative, exciting and challenging. And mad. I loved it. First as Graphic Designer, then as Art Director, I worked on advertising campaigns, did graphic design, concepts, created tv commercials, radio spots, online ads and so on. For several Swiss agencies and a bunch of big brands. After some years though, I craved for a bit more “hands-on” and adventure, less desk-time. Also; I wanted more “film” in my life.

So I quit my job, went traveling – and when I came back, I switched sides. As a freelance production coordinator, I rolled up my sleeves and started producing commercials instead of creating them behind a desk. As I’ve always loved organising and coordinating things – another form of being creative – this was such an exciting time for me! Being involved with production, getting a look behind the scenes and standing on a film set, felt like magic. I’ve tasted blood and I wanted more. So I set sail for America, it was time to learn the craftsmanship of filmmaking. In an intense, hands-on workshop at the New York Film Academy, I both studied and practiced anything from screenwriting, directing, camera, sound, producing, casting, scouting, editing and so on. Living and breathing film every minute of the day sure was a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. I was hooked.

Soon after returning from the New York Film Academy in 2013 I got the chance to work as 2nd AD on the Swiss fantasy film ‘Polder’. My first feature! Yet another whole new world! Another mind-blowing experience. And a whole new level of creative madness. 

Ever since, I’m switching as freelancer between different jobs. Always related to film & creativity. It’s the variety of projects and challenges that makes me happy and my work rich in experience and therefore valuable. 

I produce commercials or work as 2nd AD on feature films. I offer research for fiction, commercials, documentaries and enjoy doing graphic design for clients. I also help directors and film productions developing new ideas and concepts, support them in pitches, do mood-research, create their DIs or keynote presentations or write and evolve stories and scripts myself or in collaboration with freelance writers. That’s how everything I love, truly comes together. 

If you’re a director, producer, art buyer, creative director, film maker or even a vegan sushi chef – in case you’re looking for a sharp-witted, creative mind with kick-ass organisation-skills and an eye for the good stuff: here I am and I’d love to work with you.


Technical skills

InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Excel, Keynote, Wix Editor and basic skills in Adobe Premiere. I grew up with Apple and am entirely lost when handling other devices. Luckily I never had to, except for the one time my mum needed help with an Android phone. She’s got an iPhone now too. 


I’m fluent in German, Swiss German, English and do quite alright in French as well. Basic knowledge in Spanish and Italian (I can order beer in both languages. The second round even better than the first).



Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion

Eqal Visual Productions

Film Service Babelsberg

Hugofilm Features

Marv Eagle Productions Ltd

Niama Film

Production Pool Creative Services

Pumpkin Film

Rosas & Co Films

Saville Productions

Shining Pictures


Tasty Pictures

Tausend Rosen Filmproduktion & Werbung

The Band

Tuna Production

Who’s McQueen Picture

WirzFraefelPaal Productions




Barney Cokeliss

Ben Strebel

Dani Levy

Dexter Fletcher

Elias Ressegatti

Humbi Entress

Julian Grünthal

Jyri Pasanen

Kay Kienzler

Luki Frieden

Manuel Flurin Hendry

Marco Lutz

Markus Welter

Matteo Bonifazio

Michael Fueter

Samuel Schwarz

Sean Fee

Stephan Usteri

Steven Hayes

Tobias Fueter

Thomas Dirnhofer

Vic Armstrong






CSS Insurance

Die Mobiliar

Die Post

Feinsinn Olive Oil




Mini Babybel

Olivier Bernaschina Photography

Post Finance

Red Bull Media House



Swiss Tourism







Zoo Zürich

Zurich Tourism



ADC 2018


Die Mobiliar – Insect Hunt​

Line Producer

EDI 2017


Die Mobiliar – Insect Hunt​

Line Producer


EDI 2017

Short List

Triumph – Find the One for Every You

Production Design 

EDI 2016

Silver Edi & Special Edi for Camera

Die Mobiliar – Haunted House

Line Producer

ADC 2012

Bronze Category 'Poster'

Citterio – Cut Into Finest Slices

Idea & Art Direction


Special Award 'New Digital Generation'

Snickers – You're not you when you're hungry

Idea & Art Direction

Hello, that's me.

Fabienne Marcolin
8004 Zurich


+41 76 585 53 02


Looking forward to get in touch!

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